The Experience

There is no denying that the photographer you choose for your wedding day is arguably the most important investment you will make.
Your photos will live on forever and they will bring you back to one of the most joyful days in your life, so it’s important to pick someone that you truly vibe with.

Read a little more about what it’s like to work with us so you can be sure that we are the right third wheeler for you and your love!


We encourage you to be your most authentic selves during our time together. Let’s create the real memories that truly represent you and your partner’s relationship. Your session is tailored to you and we are here to help you incorporate your personalities into your photos however you’d like.

Are you sappy like us and want to read each other love letters? Great, We’ll bring the tissues!

Are you a musician, skateboarder or surfer and want to bring your gear to our session? Hell yeah, We’re so in!

Do you love a good glass of champagne and want to bring a bottle to toast or spray into the air? Let’s freakin celebrate, babe!

The options are endless. Tell us what you are into and we will make it happen.


From our very first conversation, We will tell how important it is for us to build a friendship with you.

We don’t want you to feel like you have a stranger photographing you on your wedding day, so if you’re looking for a photographer who will show up, take the photos and leave, we are not a good fit.

To capture your most vulnerable moments, We have to know you. In turn, this helps you trust that We know what we are doing and capturing every moment that comes your way.


Photos are tangible memories that only become more priceless as time goes on.

When you look at photos from your childhood, how does it make you feel? Are you overwhelmed with joy as you show your friends and family and tell them all about the memory associated with that photo? Don’t you love looking at photos of your family members from 20+ years prior and seeing how they looked, how they dressed and how they lived? I definitely do.

Looking at your wedding photos in 20 years will be exactly the same. You will likely pass these images on to future generations for them to enjoy and reminisce with you.

Documenting your life is SO important and it’s truly something you cannot put a price tag on.


We take a very candid approach to photography and my ultimate goal is to catch the sneaky in between moments.

We want to capture your loved ones hands on your waist when they embrace you, the tears welling up when you speak your vows, and the joy in your guests’ eyes as they watch you commit your hearts to one another.

We want to show you the way your partner looks at you, the way your bodies mold together, and the way your face lights up when you make each other laugh.

To do this, I don’t pose you. Instead, I will give you fun prompts that will bring out true emotion, genuine laughs and real connection between you two.

Yes, We will give you guidance and yes, We will tell you if your hair looks crazy from the wind… But in general, I want the REAL shit and We hope you do too!